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Queering Barbie

It’s time to talk about The Barbie Movie, and one aspect of it’s potential Queerness.

SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD! Stop here if you haven’t seen this iconic film.

Our subjects today are the iconic Allen and Weird Barbie.

Both are considered different, weird, and often excluded from Barbie Land but in different ways.

Allen, is an extension of Ken, rather than himself. (He’s Ken’s Buddy!) When Barbieland becomes a ken-run nightmare, Allen is the FIRST to try to get the heck out of there. His return to aid the Barbies speaks to his goals of being himself, ensuring both Allens and Barbies will no longer be treated as an extension of kens. Allen is truly just a doll who just wants to live outside of the box he’s been put in, especially in terms of the Kens (aka “male” gender).

Weird Barbie is played by lesbian icon Kate McKinnon, so she gets some queer points for that already. WB is even more ostracized than Allen, getting called Weird Barbie to her face, plus her house is secluded away behind a giant gate. Nobody visits her except discontinued Barbies or those who are desperate for help.

And unlike the other Barbies, Weird Barbie doesn’t have her own Ken……..sure she likes StereoTypical Ken, but didn’t we all?

The thing is, neither of them fit in, and the other Barbies’ aversion to them is indicative of the way non-allied individuals have - and still do! - speak about trans and queer folks.

But the biggest takeaway?

Let’s live our best lives through empathy, kindness, and being our true selves!

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