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Being ACE

Hi, I’m Tina Nguyen.

I’m the Twin Cities Program Manager here at QUEERSPACE.

My pronouns are they/she, and I’m ace.

Because we live in a world of compulsory sexuality, compulsory heterosexuality, ace people are often told that we are broken and we need to be fixed. This has definitely been my experience, and I even went through some conversion therapy to tr to “fix” me. AND of course, it’s not true. Just like all LGBTQ+ folx, we’ve existed forever, we’re just a normal variety of humans.

More than ever there is discussion about ace identities, at least in queer communities, and there are even books and shows that represent us in honest, accurate ways.

I have so much hope for young ace people. When I meet ace kids in my community, I feel so happy that they know who they are and that they are starting to have representation in media (yay, Heartstopper!).

If a young person tells you they are ace, please do not say things like, “How do you really know?” “You don’t have any experience yet.” or “You’ll find the right person who will change your mind.” Just don’t. My wish is they will experience more acceptance and love in their lives and less harm than I did growing up and as a teen and a young adult.

To all you aces out there, I know you, I love you, I’m one of you. You are perfect just as you are!

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