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FY 2022



Dear QUEERSPACE friends and community,

I am grateful and humbled by your contributions to our QUEERSPACE community and LGBTQ+ youth. The way you have shown up for our community in 2022 is inspiring and fills my heart with so much gratitude. We are so excited about this journey we are on AND we are only getting started!

We have big ambitions at QUEERSPACE collective. We continue to lay the groundwork to expand our mentorship program in the Twin Cities and beyond so more LGBTQ+ youth have the opportunity to spend time with thriving, healthy, caring LGBTQ+ adults. In addition, we see great growth potential with our LGBTQ+ training and consulting program and the significant impact we will have as we grow our presence in this space.

We know supporting our youth and their families is changing lives. We hear from parents routinely how this program is so essential to the well-being of their child. We’ve seen youth, who have had a space where they can show up authentically, evolve, open up and grow over the past year. We’ve seen some of them explore new names, new pronouns and new friendships. It’s amazing how our young people shine when given the space to show up as their true selves!

Thank you for being part of the QUEERSPACE community. Thank you for your constant dedication, cheerleading, contributions, love and energy. And a special shout out to our amazing QUEERSPACE staff who are working collaboratively to build something authentic and sustainable and for their deep dedication to LGBTQ+ youth and their families. What WE ARE ALL creating, nurturing and growing is having such an important impact in our community.

In deep gratitude,

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“Representation is important for kids growing up, and seeing someone like them succeed and understand what they’re going through can make all the difference.”

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“It was an incredibly valuable training because of what [QUEERSPACE] shared with us, and made it comfortable to ask questions and seek clarity.”



“I think this was one of the best trainings I’ve been to in a LONG time.”



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  1. Intro to LGBTQ+ Terminology

  2. Intersectionality

  3. Inclusive Youth Spaces

  4. LGBTQ+ Youth & Healthcare

  5. Trans & Non-Binary 101



Kate (she/her) and Finn (he/they) have been matched since August 2021.

“QUEERSPACE has been a valuable resource for my child. It has provided a unique and essential support that we, as parents, could not have given.” 

- Finn’s Mom

Kate and Finn.jpg

What have been your favorite hangouts so far?

K: We’ve done a lot of really fun things, like mini golfing and swimming and going to baseball and basketball games, but the things I really like the most are when we just chill. We go for a walk or to a coffee shop and that just gives us time to talk, spend time together, and get to know each other and see what’s going on in each other’s lives.

F: I agree. Just going to a coffee shop and being able to talk is nice. It’s cool to be able to open up and have it be a chill space. I love basketball so I enjoyed the basketball games and just the music and hanging out. We also got lost in a graveyard once and we were walking around for a long time. That was fun!


What made you decide to continue your match ?

K: I’m really all about long-term relationships, and I think the more time we can spend together, the more we invest in our relationship, the better. And we’ve been having so much fun and enjoying it. I really love the organization as a whole. It just made sense to continue.

F: It was really nice to have someone I could trust to talk about things that maybe other people in my life won’t understand. I haven’t had that before. We also had a lot of fun and to have a friend that’s from a different generation is really interesting, to learn about how things were different when Kate was growing up versus now. I found that really cool.

K: Oh, yeah. Speaking of things being different now, we used a disposable camera to take some pictures around Minnehaha Falls and I found out the hard way it’s impossible to get that developed these days.

What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself?

K: I was kind of worried about not being able to find fun things to do and not being able to come up with good ideas to be entertaining. But what I really learned is that’s not really what it’s about. It’s really about being a person that can be a listening ear and just be present. So it’s less about having to come up with creative ideas and more about being ourselves and spending time together.

F: I think one thing I really learned about myself is that I started accepting myself more for who I am. I really just figured it out and to have Kate there with me was the best thing that I could ask for. So that has been really helpful. It’s good to have that and I think that everybody should have someone like that.

What is one way you’ve seen each other grow throughout your match?

K: I think Finn said in the last answer that they really learned about themselves a lot in the last year and have come to accept themselves and that’s really, really huge. It took me until I was in my thirties, so to figure it out at 13, it’s a really good start.

F: I think this kind of goes for both of us, but one thing I have noticed is that Kate has become more open and we’ve been getting into the deeper stuff. We’ve been able to communicate better. I mean, I think we were always pretty good at it, but we got better and it’s become more of a deeper bond where it’s just open.

What are some things that you’re looking forward to in this next year of mentorship?

K: I’m looking forward to some of the things that are on the itinerary coming up. It sounds like there’s a lot of fun group events. There’s been monthly hangouts that have been really fun to be with the larger community, but I’m also always really looking forward to our one-on-one time as well. It’s really nice to have a combination of both.

F: Yeah, I would have to agree with that. It is really nice to have the bigger community and I look forward to going to the events and hanging out with people. I’m kind of a shy person, so it’s been good for me to also grow in socializing, so I look forward to that.



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All 2022 monthly donors are denoted with an asterisk.

List includes in-kind donors.

Terri and Bill Aberg

Diana Albrecht

Beth Alexander

Alice M. O’Brien Foundation

All Saints

Ally Bank

Nick Alm*


Ameriprise Financial


Kate Anderson

Emily Mae Anderson

Brenda Anderson

Karen Anderson


Nicole B

Ruth Baccam

Arun Baheti

Kellan Baker

Jan Ballif Nichols


Bar La Grassa

Karin Barrett

Delphine and Michael Barringer-Mills

Amanda Bartschenfeld

Cheryl Beal

The Beer Dabbler

Jack Bennett*

David Berg

Joella Berkner

Beverly Berry

Best Buy

Hope Bidlack*

Sarah Bigham

Cory Birchard-Weissman

Diane and Bruce Birkeland

Wayne Blair

Blue Cross Blue Shield of


Stephen Boland

Joel Bond

Hannah Borden

Boston Scientific

Robert Bothmann

Katie Bowman

Elizabeth Brama

Anna Bregier

Morgan Breker

Marian Briggs

Laura Briggs

Alicia Britton

Samantha Brown

Jason Buchanan

Barbara Burroughs

Jill Burroughs

Jennifer Bush

Charles Butler

CaJah Salon

Can Can Wonderland

California Wellness


Laura Calvo-Jordan

Jacqueline Campbell

Adam Vincent Capets

Carlson Family Foundation

Jordan Cassavant

Kimberly Catullo

Kimberly Cernak

Adam Chastan

SueEllen Chastan

Children’s Minnesota

Elizabeth Claeys

Sarah Clark

Eric Thomas Clemensen

Jac Clingerman*

Daphne Clyburn

Drew Coleman

Josh Collins and Kris Pena

Conjure Hair Collective

Alyssa Conley

Sarah Cooper

Thomas Corl

Amelia Cotton Corl

Margaret Couture

Lisa Cox

Kenneth and Janis Cram

Morgan Cunningham

Cuppa Java

Ally Daake

Doug Daake

Joey Dahl

Dalton Dahms-Shermer

Mikki Daniels

Aaliyah Danielson

DBT-PTSD Specialists

Bridget Deering

Michelle DeGree

Matthew Dehn

Allen Delaney-Kolby

Hayley Dennison

Melissa Derycke

Lain DeSalvo

Kristine Deters

Scott Dibble and Richard Leyva

Crystal Dillon

Katherine Dineen

Mike Docken

Mara Dockendorf

Deb Doffing

Holly Dollinger

Samuel Doten

Douglas Dayton YMCA at


Lisa Douglass

Bridgid Dowdal

Aaron Drew

Michael Dunn

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Everett Dupler

Kathleen Eayrs

Dan Edgerton

Eggy’s Diner

Lori Eilers

Colin Eilers

Julie Elder

Element Corps

Morgan Elizabeth

Mj Ellis

Diane and Brad England

Sara Epperhart

Emily Erickson

John Erickson

Brooke Eshleman

Estee Lauder Companies

Britt Eyngorn

F. R. Bigelow Foundation

Corey Falls

Kent Farrington

Todd Farrington

MacKenzie Farrington

Chelsea Feider

Paul Felipe

Jared Fessler

James Finch

The Firm

First Avenue

Sarah Fisco

Lisa Fisher

Bonnie Flikke

Shelby A Flint

Noah Ford

Melinda Foster

Charlie Foust

Wendy Frakie

Lisa and Ben Fralish

Andrew Franet

Richard Franklin

Addy Free

Jeff Freeland Nelson and Alisa


Scott Freeman

Kristen French-Kim

Maxwell Freudenthal

Shannon Friberg

Kiley Friedrich

Cal Frost

Maren Fustgaard

Gaia Herbs

Cori Gamble

Gates Family Office

Eliza Gazett

Meg Gehlen Nodzon

General Mills Betty’s Family


Maddie George

Majra Gibbons

Kassie Gibbons

Mary Gilbertson

Lauren Gilchrist

Rebecca Gilgen

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

Jessica Giordano

Jodi Glaser

Jelani Glass

Carolyn Glide

GLOW Holiday Festival

Angela Kade Goepferd

Daniel Goldschmidt

David Gollin

Jackie Golob

Stephanie Goodno

Gregory Goodwine

James Grace*

Barbara Grachek

David Grachek*

Carol Grady

Elizabeth Green

John Grimley

Joanne Grobe

Brittaney Groth

Blake Groulx

Joseph Groulx

Kristen Grubb

Kelly Gryting

Ailey Gundersen

Angela Gustafson

Bryan Guthrie

Christine Ha

Tiffany Hahnfeldt

Elizabeth Halsey

Heidi Hamilton

Nicki Hangsleben and Maria


Rachelle Hangsleben

Joseph Hannon

Sam Hanson

Tyler Hardy

Hillary Harrison and Koleena


Holly Haynes

Sarah Hays

Headwaters Foundation for


Emily Heagle*

Clare Healy*

William & Jane Heckt

Sydney Heidemann

Lou Helf

Robert Helle

Micah Helle

Kalue Her

Alexander Herman

Richard Herrod

Stephen Herzog and Stephen


Gabrielle Hester

Makala Hieshima

Rachelle Hill

Felix Hill Rosado

Curtis Hinkle

Stacy Hoag

Michelle Hoff and Christina Hennington

Julia Hoffman

Jeanne Hoffman

Katie Holcomb

Miranda Holen*

Austin Holik

Holman’s Table

Riley Holmseth

Homebody MN

LaReesa Hooper

Jenna Horst

Sandi Hubbard

Ashley Huebner

Human Rights Campaign -


Human Rights Campaign


Kurtis Hunsberger


Mary and Dan Igoe

Nick and Victoria Igoe

Keith Igoe

Mike Igoe

Timothy Igoe

Victoria Igoe

Inbound BrewCo

Indeed Brewing Company and Taproom

Abby Jacobsma

James B. Linsmayer


Michelle Jansen Radermacher

Jessica Jerney

Daren Johnson

Laura Johnson

Jolene Johnson

Patricia Jones

Nikos Katopodis

Susan Katzenberger

Carrie Kaup

Michael Kaup

Susan Keifer

Sarah Kelleher

Kirsten and Brian Kemp

Victoria Kesler

Erin Keyes

Prekshi Khanna

Mark Kinney

Joshua Kirkpatrick

Jennifer Kittelsen

Kristin Klein

Drew Klick

Andrea Klopfenstein

Nicole Knight

Lydia Komatsu

Lisa Kraft

Austin Kraft

Barb Kremer

Sarah and Nathan Kreykes

Ryan Kroening

Paula Krueger

La Dona Cerveceria

Tessa Labovitz

Kathy Lafayette

Joseph Lally

Jill LaLonde

Land O’Lakes

Angela Larson

Pamela Larson

Emily Larson

JoLynn Lavin

Valerie Lawson

Barry Leavitt

Courtney LeClair*

Kate Lemay

Michael Leonard

Laura Leopold

Holly Leppanen

Cheryl Levander

Laura Leverty

Sass Libertus

Life FX

Christine Lindblad

Thomas Lindquist

Carrie Link

Christie Little

Daniel Livak

Jessica Lohr

Ashley Long

Jacquie Lonning

Russ Lovaasen

Michele Lueder

Andrew Lund

Thomas Lundholm

Kate Lundquist

Nancy Lyons

Theresa Maahs-Henderson

Mark Madaus


Alexandra Madrid

Raoul Maldonado

Clark Maldonado

Micheline Mandel

Melissa Marland

Anne Marlenga

Christine Marston


Leann Maruna

Emily Maruyama

Brittany Mathiowetz

Jason Matz

Megan Maureen

Ryan McCauley

Robert and Kate McCready*

Kathleen McFarland*

Teresa McLean

Tyler McLeete

Brian McNeill

Thomas Mcneill

Judy Meath

Kerry Medek


Beth Mejia

Deb Melheim

James Menden

Mill City Farmers Market

Jay Miller and Brad Wagner

Katy Miller

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System

Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx

Minnesota Twins

Brandon Miranda*

Mitrebox Framing Studio

Modist Brewing

Jean Moelter

Sami Mohr

Abbey Moldenhauer

Larry Montan

Christiaan Montgomery and Chris Hoefer

Morgan Family Foundation

Nolan Morice

Molly Morton


Heidi and Daniel Mouw*

Jessica MT

Lauren Mullenbach

Will Murphy

Tyler Muse

Mike and Jerry Music

Mark Myhre

Ania Nadybska

Daniel Nelsen

Betsey Nelson

Aaron Nelson

Zach Nelson-Winters

Teresa Nesenson

Christina Nguyen

Casey Nichols

Danielle Nichols

Eika Nishimura

NOLO’s Kitchen & Bar

North Market

Michelle Norton Fleming

Kelly Novak

Maria Null

Neil Nye

Angela Oaks

Julia O’Brien

Tara Olds

Tania Olinger

Margot Olsen

Hillary Olson*

Brandon Olson

Elizabeth Olson

Ava Olson

Lynn Olson

Marcy O’Neill*

Quinn Oteman

Hilary Otey

Shannon Overdahl


Meg Paschall

Reshma Pattni

Jennifer Paukert

Peace Coffee

Allison Pearce

Jeffrey Peck and Paula Engelking

Pedal Pub

Juliann Perala

Perennial Acupuncture

Alex Peters

Jerod Petersen

Daniel Peterson

Casey Peterson

Lana Peterson


Breanna and Drew Phelps

Ross Phernetton

Arouna Phommasouvanh

Cherrelle Phon

Ellen Pickering

Pillsbury United Communities

Joe Polacek


Kelsey Poljacik

Laura Postma


Kelsey Pugh

Megan Pulvermacher

Jaynee Purchase

Angie Quijada

Jen Racho

Samaneh Raghimi

Jason Ralph

Rey Razo

Red Cow

Jodi Rehlander

Chase Reisinger

Michael Reszler

Elliott Retelle

Delia Rissmiller

Lisa Rivera

Stacy Roe

Kat Rohn

Chris Romano

Nicole Rominski

Anya Rosen

Peter Rosenblatt

Ellery Rosin

Mykl Roventine

Rudy Luther Toyota

Beatrice Rue

Natasha Rueth

Suzanne Rupp

Kellie Rusch

Annie Rutledge

Amy Ruzick

Rosemary Ryan

Saint Paul and Minnesota


Saint Paul Brewing

Shor Salkas

Lynn Salmon-Easter

Michael Sammler-Jones

Aileen Sanchez

Suzanne Sando

Emm Sands Neal

Carrie Sauter*

Sarah Schaefer

Tina Schmidt*

Emily Schmidt

Heather Schmidt

Nan Schnebly

Katie Schoenberger

Courtney Schultze

Alanna Schumacher

Samantha Schwanke

Amy Schwinghamer

Dani Seeger

Kari Selzler

Cristin Sethi

Sexton Family Foundation

Shameless Therapy

Whitney Shamley

Ryan Shanks

Elisa Sheehan

Lindsey Sheppard


Julie Shortridge

Shout Out Loud

Bruce Singer

Liz Sinnott


Traci Slane

Sloane’s Beauty Bar

Aaron Smith

Kathryn Smith

Sandra Smith

Alyssia Smith

Britta Solberg Salas

Eric Somers

Lori Soyring

Ashley Srivastava

Paul Stanko


Starbucks Foundation Neighborhood Grants Fund

Kelsey Steffes

Travis Stegmeir

Jolynn Steiler

Tiffanie Stelter

Jake Stenger

Madelyn Stephens

Jason Stern

Lauren Stinson

Ken Story*

Bailey Stottrup

Amy Strasheim

Theresa Sullivan

John Sullivan

Devin Sundquist

Benjamin Surbrook

Katie Swor

Maren Tagney

Florence Taitel

Tracy Taubert

Soua Thao

Amy Theis

Murray Thomas and

Stephen Davis

Megan Thomas

Dani Thompson

Allison and Zan Thrash

Austin Thull

Katie Thune

Tu Tong

Alice Torvik

Savannah Tracy

Brooke Traynor

Vicky Treais

Angie and Debbie Tufts*

Amanda Turbett

Bethany Turnwall

Twin Cities in Motion

Twin Cities Pride

Leila Twogood

UnitedHealth Group

Unity Church-Unitarian

Amy Untiedt

UpDown Minneapolis

US Bank

Lee Valsvik

Leah Van Tassel

Sasha VanDenbosch

Shannon Vanderschaegen

Geri Vasquez

Jennifer Veech

Andrew Ventura

Veritas Technologies

Ann Vidoloff

Seth Viebrock

Joao Vitor Coelho

Jeanne Voigt

Voya Financial

Michael Waddick

Jessica Wade

Tyler Wagner

Joseph Walbran

R. Walker

Azur Walters

Ben Warburton

Barb Watry

Ginny Way

Kathy Weaver

Robin Webb

Valery Wehrman

Madeleine Weidner

Russel Weikle

Greg Weiner

Sharon Weller

Mat Weller

Tim Welter

Melissa and Tara Wendling*

Fiona Westefeld

Samantha Wheeler

White Bear Autos, LLC

Robb Whittlef

Andrea Wicevic

Anna Widman

Blake Wilcox

Nicole Williams

Nathan Williams

Emily Wimmer

Ann Winsor

Daniel Winters

AJ Wipper

Nix Wiste

Brandon Witzel

Tessa Wolden

Larry Wolf

Cassandra Worner

YMCA - Camp Christmas Tree

YMCA - Camp Heritage

YMCA - Camp Ihduhapi

YMCA - Camp Spring Lake

YMCA - Camp St. Croix

Randi Yoder

Erin Zosel

Amy Zsohar

Harvey Zuckman and Phil Oxman

Lilly Zumberge*

Ron Zweber and Peter Scott

Emily Zygmunt

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