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Beth Mejia

Board Chair

Beth Mejia (she/her) is a passionate advocate and community servant who has dedicated more than three decades to creating positive change and improving the lives of others. With a primary focus now on advocating for LGBTQ+ youth, Beth has participated sitting on national and local boards, tirelessly working to advance LGBTQ+ equality and establishing safe spaces through mentoring for young individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.


Through her volunteer work, she has also played a crucial role in supporting healthcare foundations, striving to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible and equitable to all. Beth's commitment to giving back extends further as she has helped supports AIDS organizations that have provided vital assistance to her friends living with HIV/AIDS. Motivated by her genuine care for humanity and her communities, Beth considers it a privilege to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


Currently residing in Minneapolis alongside her loyal canine companion, Bougie Blue, she continues to contribute her expertise and compassion to the healthcare field, embracing every opportunity to create positive change.

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