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Program Coordinator

Angelie Hu

Angelie Hu (they/them) is a reformed horse girl - both the horse part and the girl part! Born and raised in Tampa Bay, FL they are the proud product of a vibrant community of queer organizers and activists in the South. They received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Film and Sociology from Vassar College and worked to build community in Brooklyn before coming to the Twin Cities. Prior to coming to QUEERSPACE Collective, Angelie worked in film and theater to tell own voices stories in innovative ways. They have worked with organizations such as The Nonbinarian Book Bike to collect and distribute free queer books across New York City and For the Many to build grassroots political power and create tangible legislation for housing, climate, immigration, and economic justice in Upstate New York. In their free time you can find them frequenting indie bookstores, turning their apartment into a test kitchen to develop bakes that combine their Cuban and Chinese heritage, going on hikes with their partner, or getting cuddles from their rescue dog.

Angelie is passionate about shaping and being shaped by the queer community here in the Twin Cities. At their core, they believe in the act of existence as resistance and know that solidarity is the only way towards change. As a queer disabled person of color, they know firsthand that the needs of one person may not always be the same as the needs of another. They center a personalized approach to meeting the needs of queer youth and equipping them with language and skills to help them grow in themselves and as members of this community. 

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