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What Participants Say

"I like hanging out! It gives us a chance to talk about interests we share and what is going on in our lives."


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Why Your Support Matters

Currently, LGBTQ+ youth living in the United States are:

  • 40% of the youth homeless population

  • 4x more likely to attempt suicide than their cis & hetero peers

In contrast, LGBTQ+ youth that have at least one supportive adult/mentor are:

  • 40% less likely to attempt suicide

  • 3x more likely to graduate high school


In the News

‘Support is huge’: Twin Cities program pairs LGBTQ youth with mentors like them

March, 2023
MPR News

The Untold Story of QUEERSPACE Collective Coming to St. Cloud

March, 2023
KVSC Station

Twin Cities program connecting LGBTQ youth to mentors to expand to St. Cloud

March, 2023
MPR News

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