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Information on HF146

AKA The Trans Refuge Bill

Simply put, this bill would protect folks seeking gender-affirming health care. 

What does this bill do?

“The law would make it so that people who live in states who have banned or restricted gender-affirming care can come to Minnesota to access that care and be protected from the laws that govern their home states.” - Representative Leigh Finke

The bill also states people would not be arrested in or extradited from Minnesota for giving or receiving gender-affirming health care, even if it is considered a crime in another state. 

Why we need this legislation:

Neighboring States Banning Care

Seven states — Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah — have banned gender-affirming care for transgender youth while more have taken up bills that would do the same or ban care for transgender people of any age. 

Providing Support for our Queer and Trans Youth

According to the 2022 Minnesota Student Survey, of the 10% of students surveyed that identified as non-cisgender, 65% reported having long-term mental health, behavioral or emotional problems. Because kids with transgender and gender-diverse identities often experience stigma and discrimination,  they also experience higher rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Research has shown that access to gender-affirming medical care leads to improved mental health outcomes for transgender and gender-diverse youth. 

Minnesota Can Lead

While other states and organizations campaign against trans wellness, Minnesota can pave the way for other states to begin positive legislation around our community.

Get Involved


Find your Legislator

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Contact your Legislators

Make your voice heard.

With community support, our legislators will know that Minnesota fully supports our trans community - no matter what age.

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