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St. Cloud

Come for the ice cream, stay for the community!

March 31
5 - 8 PM


An event to bring together the LGBTQ+ and allied community of St. Cloud and the surrounding area to learn more about our mission and program, and celebrate the expansion of our organization to serve a new community of LGBTQ+ youth. 

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we're partying at


15 E Minnesota St, Suite 108
St Joseph, MN 56374

Why St. Cloud?

Citing the record-breaking wave of anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation across the country, we plan to work alongside local community to provide space for youth to show up as their authentic selves and make connections with others who understand and can help them navigate their experience as queer and trans people.

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We asked our shareholders and community where in rural Minnesota they felt Queer youth could benefit from additional services and support. We heard that St. Cloud was a great place to start.

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Access to Rural Communities

 The proximity to more rural communities where LGBTQ+ specific resources and supports for youth are unavailable or inaccessible was important for this location.

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We Love our Northern Friends!

St. Cloud is far away enough from the cities to increase our impact while remaining close enough that our staff and trainers are able to provide their expertise.

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