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Program Coordinator

Ezra Jackson-Smith

Ezra Jackson-Smith (he/him) comes from a multidisciplinary background and has a passion for helping the people around him and working with youth. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University, then moved to the Twin Cities in 2019, having heard about the area’s vibrant queer community and thriving theater scene. He has recently worked in tutoring, theater, and government, most recently with Minneapolis Elections and part-time as a Homework Help Lead Tutor with Hennepin County Libraries.

Growing up queer and trans in a midsize Utah town, Ezra found empowerment through the encouragement of a small but engaged community of supportive adults and fellow youth. He is excited to facilitate the opportunity for local youth to make the kinds of strong connections that have helped him get where he is today.  He takes pride in creating a positive space for those around him to confidently explore their identities.

Ezra is now proud to call South Minneapolis home. He loves to spend his free time baking, exploring strange corners of the Twin Cities, making food and music in community, and writing and performing in live theater.

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