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Are you or do you know an LGBTQ+ youth who needs an LGBTQ+ mentor? Through in-person and virtual 1:1 mentoring and group events, LGBTQ+ youth develop increased self-esteem and a greater sense of belonging, cultural identity, and pride. With monthly events like community art, nature outings, queer history, volunteering, and virtual hangouts, mentors and mentees build relationships, a broader sense of community, and feelings of inclusivity.

Mentors and mentees connect 2-3 times a month, for a year, to hangout, set and accomplish goals, and build resilience through meaningful engagement. Once a month, we bring all pairs together for a large group hangout to build a larger community of connection and support.


- NOTE -

We are currently not accepting new mentees for our 1:1 mentorship program. You are welcome to submit an application and we will reach out in October to discuss next steps. In the meantime, please consider applying for our Group Mentorship opportunities which will begin in early October.

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Make the difference in your child's life today.

PSST! Hey, Kiddo!

​If you are an LGBTQ+ youth and do not have caregiver permission***, or have questions, please email us at to get additional resources and support.



  • Ages 12-17

  • Based in the Twin Cities Metro or St. Cloud area

  • Have caregiver permission*** to apply

  • Have transportation to and from Hangouts (can be coordinated with Mentor)

  • Must be able to attend group hangouts each month and connect for one to three hours, two to three times per month with an LGBTQ+ mentor

  • Applications must be completed by the youth's caregiver or through a third party referral. Caregiver permission is required to be part of the mentorship program.

***Caregiver permission is required for all youth ages 12-15.
Youth ages 16-17 do not need caregiver permission, unless transportation is an issue.

Contact us with any questions.

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